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Greatest Nigeria students! Greatest Nigeria students!!


I'm excited and honoured to be here to give a goodwill message on the topic: The Role of Media and Communication in Nigeria Political Structure, having been a student like you, and privilege to have traversed the two segments of the society under our discourse today. More importantly, to be called upon to do so in honour of one of Nigeria foremost journalists and Political leader with enviable governance and administrative legacies. 


The Nigeria political system and structure are products of democratic experience and military interventions with significant inputs from the fourth estate of the State, of which the media and communication community is a big player. 


Since pre-Independence till today, the mass media - print and non-print media have been shaping public opinions by pushing up certain political narratives that advertently and inadvertently bequeathed to us our present political system, narrative and structure. Thus, whatever we've today as a political culture and structure has been greatly affected by the political education that the media and communication community had offered to an average Nigerian. 


Indeed, there has been a significant interplay between the media community and the major political players in our national history beginning with the establishment of the first newspaper: Lagos Daily News by Chief Herbert Macaulay and the subsequent print and non-print media outfits like the Nigeria Pilot by Dr Nnamdi Azikwe, ...the Western Television Authority by Chief Obafemi Awolowo till the moment. For instance, the TVC, the Concord Magazine, the News Watch, the AIT, the Nation Newspaper, among others have been alleged and found to be owned by prominent political players at different times in our national history. 


At different times, members of the press have also been found to take up leadership positions at State, Federal and local government level. As an example, the political juggernaut: Alhaji Lateef Jakande, we are all gathered here today to celebrate was one time a prominent member of the print media. Precisely, he was reputed to have worked in various media houses such as The Daily Service, The Nigerian Tribune, and The Lagos News before he was called upon to put his administrative acumen into practice in Lagos State as the first Civilian Governor of the State, which he did with scintillating performance such that till today, the enviable legacies he left behind after several decades continue to beat human imagination. 


Indeed, Baba Kekere as fondly called sojourned in the media and world of politics have continued to be an inspiration to many journalists like me. His passion for people, dedication to duty, loyalty to people-oriented courses, uncommon sacrifices, Spartan lifestyle, and exemplary leadership prowess are some of the guiding ethics that have influenced some of the decisions I’ve taken in life, as a previous member of the press and of late, as a professional in politics. 


Ladies and gentlemen, the media and communication community have been a great player in shaping public opinions on many national issues that have helped to influence public decisions making since the dawn of the Nigeria State, but much is needed to be done now than ever. The Nigeria skewed Federal structures, for instance, need urgent Political surgical operations to avert the untimely death of our dear country. Otherwise, the continuous cry of marginalization by various States and regions if left unattended to may soon spell doom for the country. There is the need for more decentralized political arrangements and structures that will unburden the centre of some of the needless roles being carried by it. State Policing, Independence of the judiciary at the State level, local government autonomy, and a just revenue allocation formula are some of the things needed to urgently address in our political system and structure. 


Suffice to say, the Nigeria political structure as presently constituted is still a far cry from the ideal, and we need new men and women who will take on the gauntlet to help push up certain positive narratives capable of taking us from where we are to where we will like to be in no distant future. It's you the great students of Lagos State University students and students from other ivory towers I'm throwing this challenge. The media and communication community has a role to play, thus you have a role to play. All of us sited here has a role to play. Every Nigeria has a role to play. 


Thank you all for your time. 


God bless Lagos!

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!!

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